Beyond The Chatter


Why are we so resistant to forgiveness? Perhaps, we confusion forgiveness with reconciliation. In general, society has a stigma on forgiveness, that somehow if we forgive we are letting our "offender" off the hook. Forgiveness is not letting anyone off the hook, rather breaking yourself from your own personal prison. Forgiveness is returning to God the right to take care of the justice. 


Forgiveness is not an event, it is a process. I have encoutered this stigma personally. I have always tried to live my life by making decisions only after I sought God. It has been a true struggle to obey what I know I have heard clearly from God; while my friends  or lack thereof are screaming the noise of disagreement in my ear. I have the choice to listen, and become what they expect me to be or the choice to listen to God and walk the path he has set out for me. 


Ultimately, my friends are not in control of eternity or my relationship with God. My message to you (my noise) is that no matter what your opinion of me is, I will ALWAYS obey God, even when it means the majority of my so called friends are going in the opposite direction. 


- Lori