Beyond The Chatter


Don't Let It Dwindle

We can all get carried away with our childhood dreams and expectations; but what do we do when our knight in shining armor is just a regular dude wrapped in tin foil. This is what I call the yuck zone, where there is that gap between expectation and reality. 

It is quite natural for relationships to go through highs and lows. However, when things start to dwindle and we become increasingly comfortable, we really don't try to impress our significant other anymore. Insecurities set in, maybe you've had children and your body has changed. 

Romance and intimacy require effort from both parties. I'm not saying your fire has to be burning bright 24-7. What I am saying is don't let it go so dim that the fire fizzles out. Communication is key, your partner is not a mind reader. Remind them that they are loved, compliment them, date them, put your phones away. 

A lot of times we put expectations on our significant others that they will never meet. If they weren't romantic when you met, chances are they aren't just going to become the king or queen of romance. Keep things realistic, let them know what you don't like and what you like. Also, keep in mind you are not their mother or father. I have heard so many times, my husband acts like such a kid.  To that, I say if you want him to act like a man you need to treat him like one. ( this goes both ways) 

Finally, don't keep score. Your relationship isn't a rivalry or competition. You should be your significant others biggest fan and cheerleader. 


Lori Kardos