Beyond The Chatter


 A lot has changed for me over the past year. A year ago, I was struggling with anxiety and a whole lot on a personal level. I won't spill my dirty laundry on this blog post, If you know me well, you know my story. If not, I would be glad to speak to you on a more private platform. Just know that my spirit was crushed and I didn't feel like me anymore, mentally or physically. I gained a ton of weight and always felt horrible. Of course, I can show you before and after pictures, but that would only show you part of my story and transformation. Instead, I will share how my dedication to showing up every day for me changed my life in ways that go well beyond fitness.

Everyone’s story is different, but as you read this, I want you to think of your own journey, struggles, and goals. 

I rarely miss a workout, I show up. some of my workouts, in the beginning, were awful, but I told myself it was better than doing nothing at all. The key to success in any area of life is committing and staying consistent.

Around the same time I started my physical transformation, I began working more diligently on my personal and spiritual development. I wanted to work on areas that I considered negative and cultivate the positive aspects of my personality and character. I was seeing my body transform and couldn't allow myself to self-destructive with negative thoughts.

 I began with revamping my social circle,  there were so many critics in my ear, telling me what they think I should do or speaking negatively about the choices I made in life. I decided that I wanted to only listen to what I believe God had put on my heart and shut out the "chatter" It is how Beyond The Chatter was birthed. 

I started spending more time with people who had a positive influence on my life. Even if they hated lifting weights, they still pushed their lives forward unapologetically and shared my love for personal development. Surrounding myself with positivity became a beautiful part of my journey. 

Improving myself has been a series of a-ha moments as well as a diligent and gradual process of destroying old habits and building new ones. It has humbled me. I think confidence comes from knowing you’ve conquered a challenge, or prevailing over fears. It is something that comes from deep inside of you. 

I've shattered my comfort zone and I am thriving in discomfort.... Outside that safe zone is where the magic happens. This journey helped me learn that lesson.


If you want to start your own journey, I would be honored to walk alongside you. 

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