Beyond The Chatter



The holiday season is upon us, that may also mean the holiday fluff is inching in around your waist. You know, those pesky pounds that creep in between Thanksgiving and the new year.  

What if instead of waiting for January 1st you start now and make sure those pesky pounds never appear. Starting Tomorrow November 4, 2019, we are launching a challenge group to do just that. It's not too late to sign up. 

Here are our 7 quick tips to keep the holiday fluff at bay.

1. Eat your salad first. Veggies and salad should always be your biggest portion.  During the holidays there will be countless parties and meals with family and friends.  Once you have had your salad/veggies you can go back for the other holiday dishes, just make sure to get smaller portions. You will feel better knowing that your meal started with vegetables and this will really keep bloat to a minimum. 

2. Get your workouts in where you can fit them. Have a plan, have an accountability partner. Make your holiday shopping a workout challenge. You're going to be busy, but don't use that as an excuse.

3. Swap the Eggnog for almond nog. Regular eggnog has roughly 360 calories and 34 grams of sugar per 8 oz cup. almond nog has 90 calories per 8 oz cup giving you the same 2 servings but with only 22 grams of sugar. It is also free of dairy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg, soy, carrageenan, and MSG. All of those cause bloat. 

4. Drink your H2O,  make sure you are getting plenty of water. If you think you're hungry, try a glass of water first. Have it with your meals and in-between snacks.

5. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep plays a major role in your health. Lack of sleep can greatly impact your mood and eating habits. Lack of sleep will also make you more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu.

6. Take the stairs when you can, raise that heart rate and get your blood flowing.  The key is to keep moving, if you are at the copier move side to side, do squats when you use the bathroom, jog in place while cooking dinner, or my favorite dance around the kitchen. The more movement the better!

7.  Swap your favorite treat for a healthier version.  If you need help tell me a dish you love during the holiday’s and I bet I can find you a healthier version. A lot of times your friends and family won’t even know that you did the switch on them.